The Concept

Discover Lille through a scavenger hunt-style game!

Embark on an adventure through Lille’s historic landmarks and hidden gems with our unique scavenger hunts! Participants are divided into teams and tasked with solving riddles, conducting investigations, and navigating through different districts.

Our treasure hunt in Lille are currently available in Lille, designed primarily for adult participants.

How it works

On the day of departure, participants must arrive at the location and time specified in the confirmation email. Please be aware that delays will not be tolerated.

Each team will receive a briefcase containing a road book and various detective accessories for the duration of the game (magnifying glass, compass, binoculars, etc…).

After the departure signal, teams will endeavor to reach the designated endpoint as quickly as possible while engaging in a real-life investigation scenario and solving questions scattered along the route.

A telephone number is provided in each road book in case teams get lost or encounter difficulties during the game.

Upon reaching the arrival point, rankings are determined based on the accuracy of answers to questions, the successful resolution of the investigation, and the time taken to complete the course.

A prize is awarded to the highest-ranked team.

Signing up

To sign up for one of our scavengers hunt, determine the date of your event and choose the scenario you would like to participate in. Then, contact us by email or phone. We will then inform you of our availability and provide you with a quote.

Teams are ideally composed of 4 to 6 participants to facilitate dynamics within the game and the team. However, it is possible to form teams with more or fewer participants.

We provide games for events ranging from 10 participants to 300 participants.

Participation in our scavenger hunts implies full acceptance of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which can be consulted by clicking here. Participants acknowledge that they are aware of these conditions prior to submitting their booking request.


Discover Lille
Discover Lille through its famous and secret locations. The historical and touristic information provided during the game enables you to uncover places and anecdotes that contribute to Lille’s renown!

Strengthening the links
Through the exchange of skills, connections can be formed and may evolve into genuine friendships. The duration of the game provides ample opportunity for meaningful interactions between participants, fostering the development or reinforcement of bonds

Have fun and enjoy yourself!
You’ll need to possess a knack for solving our riddles, insight to lead the investigation, and subtlety to outsmart the other teams. Our treasure hunts will ensure your events are unforgettable!

Our rates

Privatised scavenger hunt

It is possible to privatise a scavenger hunt upon request.

You can select the game, the time, and the date based on availability.

During a privatized scavenger hunt, your group will have exclusive access to the game, and individuals outside of your group cannot participate in your event.

The final price per participant varies from 25€ to 45€

The cost of privatization covers equipment rental, a facilitator, and a prize for the best team.


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