Heist in Vieux-Lille

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A valuable piece of jewelry was stolen from a museum in Vieux-Lille. Three witnesses were present at the scene, yet none of them can explain how the theft occurred. Strange, indeed…


A stolen jewel

A heist took place a few days ago at a museum in Vieux-Lille. On that day, three individuals were present in the room where a renowned jewel was on display. Suddenly, thick smoke filled the room! The visitors quickly evacuated. Once the smoke cleared, the jewel had disappeared.

Three witnesses

All individuals present in the room were apprehended and subjected to interrogation. Despite thorough questioning, the culprit remains unidentified, and the whereabouts of the jewel remain elusive.



Investigate in Old Lille, around the Grand-Place and the cathedral. Track the movements of each witness before they arrived at the museum, and try to uncover the culprit of this theft in Vieux-Lille!


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