Quiveutpister, for quality team building

We keep repeating it, but games and gamification are THE trend for learning and strengthening teams within a company. Both a fun and a challenge, games are now a tool that a good manager must know how to use. This is why almost half of all games are now teams-building, for companies that are asking for more every year!

Learning through play…

Serious game, gamification, learning through play, so many big words… but how do they apply to a trail game? If we can of course think of the discovery of the city and its history as the learning elements of one of our games, other less obvious information and skills are also developed. Team play, for example, induces the spirit of competition, always in a good mood. Progressing along a course and solving puzzles sharpens the analytical mind, the adaptation of each person’s skills, and the ability to overcome a challenge presented.
In short, the treasure hunt remains the activity of choice for achieving the 3Cs of team building!

To the Team Spirit !

Finally, we come to the real value for any company (and group in general), which Who Wants to Track establishes in a natural and playful way: teamwork. If rivalry or the desire to challenge each other can serve as a driving force, progress cannot be made without a team spirit that is developed by diving into the investigation with colleagues. From then on, the skills and tracking profiles of each player will stand out and cooperation will be established. Team building will take on its literal meaning, and teams will be able to optimise their performance, without forgetting to always have a good time.


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