Your game

Your investigation

Our team brings together experts in tourism, scenario writing, and gaming. They all make themselves available to you for several weeks to create the playful experience of your dreams. The project is managed from A to Z.

Trusting our creative team means getting:
– a carefully planned itinerary to discover a specific area in an unusual way
– an intriguing scenario to capture, immerse, and convey information to participants
– playful mechanics that lead to a fun and friendly experience

A turn-key creation

Museum, monument, neighborhood, city, or even region— we offer you fully customizable creations. Whatever the theme, whatever the area, we’ll turn it into an ideal playground.

Once the game is created, it’s yours. You become the owner. You have the option to distribute it, retain it, or even commercialize it, and that for an indefinite period. It’s all yours!

Are you a municipality? A museum? A public organization? Like the city of Chartres or the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, trust us to create your experience!

A choice of services

Do you already have ideas but don’t know how to bring them to life? Are you looking for gaming experts? Do you want to create an experience based on a specific area or theme that you have already preselected?

We adapt to your needs by offering a modular service. You only need to select the desired options to complete your project. We create your playful experience for you!

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