With Quiveutpister, the escape game goes outside

What to do this weekend? In the current climate, the question arises and the choice of activities to enjoy with family and friends is limited. It’s time to get some fresh air, to enjoy the city, its green spaces and its hidden corners. Fortunately for fans of games, investigation and discovery, Quiveutpister invites you to its outdoor urban treasure hunts, in strict compliance with health conditions.

The city as a playground

By offering a game where deduction and observation will be essential, Quiveutpister can be compared to a real outdoor escape game. There is no question of locking yourself in a room from which you have to escape. Here you discover, breathe and explore! A whole city district is used as a setting. Don’t worry for those who love challenges, our treasure hunts make teams compete against each other to reward the most efficient among you, under the expert eye of our entertainers.

A large-scale investigation, therefore, but also a real playful visit where the monumental is mixed with the unusual.

More than an escape game

If the comparison with the escape game is quickly made, Quiveutpister allows itself to go even further by proposing a real investigation worthy of a detective novel and the best Cluedo games. Enough to delight fans of well-crafted scenarios.

The scavenger hunt is also an orienteering race where your compass, binoculars and other accessories are your best allies. It’s up to you to use them wisely to explore the city and its wonders. Finally, let’s not forget that a Quiveutpister is a story that lets you discover history, the history of well-known and lesser-known monuments.

In short, a pleasant moment to get your brains working and your eyes filled with wonder!


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