With gamification, involve your team with a scavenger hunt

The Qui veut pister game is the ultimate in team-building, combining cohesion and competition in a fun and friendly activity.

Quiveutpister, the must-do activity of the year

Quiveutpister launches its new season, under the sign of discovery and conviviality. An unusual and fun activity, a treasure hunt is ideal for exploring the city while investigating.

With Quiveutpister, the escape game goes outside

Much more than an escape game, Qui veut pister takes you to visit Lille in a playful investigation full of twists and turns!

Back to school fun with Quiveutpister

To counteract the back-to-school blues, it’s important to stay active and take advantage of the weekend to do some activities. What could be better than a treasure hunt offering investigation, discovery and games to have a good time in the open air?

Quiveutpister, for quality team building

If the scavenger hunt is a fun and unusual activity to visit a city, it is also an ideal team building tool to create cohesion and cooperation within a team.

From the escape game to the scavenger hunt, the explosion of the investigation game

While the growth of escape games is slowing down, the scavenger hunt, its scenario and the discovery of the city that it brings, seems to be becoming the revival of the life-size investigation game.

Quiveutpister, the outdoor escape game for everyone

With Quiveutpister, come and challenge yourself in a real escape game in the streets of Lille.


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